You’ll never have to chase another woman again

Alpha IQ is a self-help movement for men who aspire to attain greater successes in their daily lives and interpersonal relationships. What differentiates the Alpha IQ approach from other schools of thought is that it is designed to instruct men on HOW to achieve social mastery.

The Alpha IQ program takes a quality-based approach and diminishes the quantitative focus other schools of thoughts endorse. We encourage our students to take their newly acquired social powers and focus them on establishing long lasting and fruitful relationships with friends, family and potentially “the one”.

The Brand Archetype

Archetypes are forms or images of a collective
nature that naturally establish meaning and
relevance at a subconscious level.

Characters in movies, novels, and other forms of
entertainment are based on archetypes.

What the brand is not

The quick sell, bait and switch
Quantity over quality
Based on fear / desperation


Lack of awareness
Perception of the technique as good product
Competition is well known in its circles


Best in class / higher aspirations / exclusive
Setting a new standard for tribe creation within the arena
Empowering – mentoring vs. leading
Consistency, structure and growth
Leveraging the strength of strong design

Building A Successful ‘YOU’

“So entrapped are we in our self-expectation and self-imposed limitations that we fail to see that we have always had the keys to our own prisons – we’re just scared shitless to use them.” ― Rollo Tomassi, The Rational Male

Become a Member

This system will allow men globally to discover fundamental theories to enhance daily social interactions, increase confidence and apply this new knowledge in the real world. 16 chapters will guide the reader as he ascends the curriculum’s educational ladder.

Students will learn how to emanate effective social and attraction-based signals and how to correctly decipher the signals that are being sent back to them.

Successful completion of each section will unlock various features and benefits along the way as students journey through Novice, Intermediate, Pro & Savant levels of comprehension.